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Pre-Inspection Checklist

Exterior and interior panels should be free of holes, major scrapes and damage.

Rear door gaskets to be intact and seal properly. Any repairs must be properly done with accepted industry procedures.

8/32″ minimum tread depth, each tire, highway tread only (no lugs or drive axle tread).

Brake lining will be 50% or better per wheel. No cracked or broken hubs, drums or wheels.

No physical damage. (For Example: Structure damage – holes in roof, ceiling, interior lining or external skins – smashed doors – bent cross members etc.)

Floors to be solid and straight. No patches, holes, waves, dips, or breaks.

Total Trailer Co. shall de-identify decals and glue to be fully removed without damage to painted surfaces. (Unit numbers may remain).

All trailers must have current D.O.T inspections with forms.

All air ride suspensions to be free of structural cracks or damaged air bags.

All refrigeration units must be in good working order, able to start, run and refrigerate properly, free of any leaks and fully charged with freon. No cracked cylinder heads or blocks.

Engine oil pressure must meet manufactures’ guide lines. Refrigeration unit doors will be free from dents, gouges and scratches. Refrigeration unit will be the same year or a prior year model as trailer is.

Title to be free and clear of any liens and encumbrance and transferred to Total Trailer Co upon receipt of payment.

All FET considerations have been satisfied with the U.S. Government.